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Official Proposed Plugins

The purpose of this page is to provide some initial structure to plugin submission and to ensure that the same plugin is not developed more than once, and that plugins do not become a complete mess like some other OS software projects.

Here is a very preliminary list of plugins for discussion. This list is by no means exhaustive or final, and naming conventions are open to suggestion, it is purely here to spark discussion and begin to lay some strong foundations for the official symfony plugins. Some of these plugins you may feel are not worthy of being official, so we really need to define what the scope for official is. We can discuss all this here in the forum, here:

NOTE: Please do not suffix any proposed plugin wiki pages with 'Plugin', as we do not want any of these to be interpreted as real plugins. Thanks.

Until we devise an offical plugin proposal submission process, please add your proposed plugin here, create a new wiki page outlining a description and attach any code you have for review/comments, and keep an eye on the forum thread above for updates.

Managing Plugins/ Plugin Lifecycle (to be discussed)

  1. How to request / init a new plugin (form, email to dev etc, similiar to zend framework)
  2. How to manage feature requests / comments
  3. How to manage roadmap
  4. How to manage bug reports (components in trac)
  5. How to organise plugins (tags ??????)
  6. How to approve plugins
  7. How to maintain plugins

See for inspiration


  • sfPropel
  • sfDoctrine


  • sfPropelAdminGenerator
  • sfPropelCrudGenerator
  • sfPropelReportGenerator - a pdf (or other format) report


  • sfPropelForum
  • sfPropelWiki
  • sfPropelGallery
  • sfPropelBlog
  • sfPropelNews
  • sfPropelEvents
  • sfPropelFile - manages files in filesystem and/or db
  • sfPropelCalendar
  • sfPropelContacts
  • sfPropelTasks
  • sfPropelPage - manage dynamic and staic web page content, different templates and template assets
  • sfPropelPoll


  • sfPropelCart - session and db cart
  • sfPropelShop - turnkey shop, order management, product (download and ship), discounts etc

Payment Service Providers

  • sfPropelShopPaypal
  • sfPropelShopWorldpay
  • ... (all follow generic interface for ease of installation)

User Administration

  • sfPropelGuard - user, credentials, groups, user credentials, group credentials, auth, http auth, LDAP ???
  • sfPropelProfile - manages multiple address, emails, IM, Vcard, user preferences
  • sfGeoIp - locate user from IP (maxmind)
  • sfCheckIp - trusted and banned IPs
  • sfSniffer - broswer, user env information


  • sfPropelEmailer - newsletter, subscriber, list, email campaign management
  • sfEmailAFriend
  • sfSMS - sms stuff

App Administration

  • sfTidy
  • sfObserver - observe log and take actions on events
  • sfStats - user stats (maybe call analytics)
  • sfData - import/export data, assoc array to/from given format
  • sfBackup - back database and site date (not code) via rsync to remote server
  • sfOrganise ?? - site map, breadcrumb etc
  • sfSiteSearch - indexes site, search entire site not just module
  • sfPropelSearch - any way using lucence search to standardise a search plugin for models ????????

Interface Design

  • sfJavascript
  • sfPrototype
  • sfScriptalucious
  • sfDojo
  • sfRico
  • sfCanvas - a collection of css style sheets to reuse, and images such as icons and flags etc
  • sfStylesheetSwitcher
  • sfTheme - full support for themes. Allows you to reuse layouts, templates, js, and css in many projects.
  • sfExt - using Ext elements (ext comes with support for jQuery, YUI & p&s). Using the PJSplugin would be nice


  • sfI18n
  • sfCultureSwitcher
  • sfAutoTranslate - link to free translation


  • sfWebServer - A local symfony web server to ease testing of symfony without the need to install Apache (this can be based on the web server that I(fabien)'ve just removed from the trunk).
  • sfAmazonS3FS - Transparent use of Amazon S3 for your local file system, with caching.
  • sfJuploadPlugin - Allows the use of the java uploader applet Jupload as a multi-file uploader to your web application.
  • SfDoctrineActAsRattablePlugin
  • sfSoapPlugin - Provide a Soap server that re-use modules's actions (like ckWebServicePlugin)