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How to use DB Designer 4 to create your schema.xml

After creating your schema in DB Designer 4 and saving as XML, you will need to apply a XSL transformation to get the desired schema.xml. Luckily Jonathan Graham wrote one that does just that.

Get the current version of the XSL and php files from the propel source repository to do that locally. There also is an online converter on Jonathan Graham’s site. Just paste the XML from the DB Designer 4 file and hit 'convert'. Then copy the result into your schema.xml.

You can also use the sfDB4toPropelPlugin witch provides a new task (sf 1.1 and sf 1.2) to make this transformation.

  • The latest version of the XSL

The original dbd2propel XSL doesn't have support for symfony _i18n automation. If you need to generate schema with localization tables (e.g. category and category_i18n) from your DBDesigner source files you can use dbd2propel_symfony.xsl template. See Symfony Documentation for more details.

  • Example tranformation script