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Symfony Howto: Generate an XML data model without vendor information


The Symfony model documentation page describes how to generate an XML data model from an existing database, via the build-schema command.

The default settings for the command produce a schema.xml doc which includes detailed 'vendor info' tags. These tags describe DBMS vendor-specific table and column settings, which are useful in enabling Symfony to faithfully reproduce the original SQL DDL statements. Even so, it can be helpful to be able to generate a more abstract schema without this detail.


The inclusion of vendor info is simply a configuration option of the build-schema task, and is enabled by default. To configure the task to exclude vendor info, add the following line to your project's config/propel.ini file:

  propel.addVendorInfo = false

Then call the propel-build-schema command:

  $ symfony propel-build-schema