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Web Hosts available for Symfony Web Sites

Shared Web Hosting

  • A2 Hosting - Experience the A2 Web Hosting Difference! Get developer friendly LAMP hosting with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, cPanel, Ruby/Rails, Python, Perl, SSH/Shell, Fantastico and more all starting from just $4.95/mo! All your favorite PHP extensions are already installed! Exceptional support means we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30-day moneyback guarantee and a knowledgeable support staff that actually know the technologies we provide. PHP5 supporting Symfony, SSH/SFTP access, Subversion, CVS, and much more included!
  • RSHosting - Reliable and Secure Web Hosting for Symfony. RSHosting offers the most stable and secure UK Web Hosting and on US servers with options such as shared hosting, reseller web hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting etc. All web hosting plans by RSHosting support php5 and are ideal as well as fully compatible with Symfony for your websites.
  • TextDrive is an excellent web host that provides PHP5 support with Symfony. Other features included: subversion repositories, ssh/sftp access, postgresql 8.1 databases, mysql 5 databases, 24 hour email support. TextDrive is a hosting company run by and for people who love publishing on the web.
  • ServerPowered has complete developer virtual private servers with Symfony/PHP5 pre-installed and ready to go.
  • DreamHost will let you run a custom version of PHP 5 which you can use install symfony for.
  • PowWeb quoting MrTufty? : "It's a shared hosting environment with 12GB of webspace and 30GB of bandwidth a month, supporting up to 5 MySQL databases and pretty much unlimited POP3 accounts into the bargain. This might not count as basic, but the prices are very reasonable - we paid the equivalent of ?110 for 4 years hosting (would have been 2 years, but we took advantage of a special offer)."
  • A shared hosting environment with PHP4 & PHP 5.1.1 support. The services are aimed at Turkish users and their servers are located in Turkey. Symfony installation is possible by the help of symlinks or simply using sandbox. No ssh access. Technical support is good. Custom PHP settings and extensions are added/configured by the technical help desk upon request by the user.
  • They will install the PEAR module for you on request. To get SSH access, they require you to send in a copy of a photo ID. If you are not comfortable with this, it makes symfony administration extremely cumbersome.
  • HostEurope: Working with Webpack L, better with Webpack Pro which has APC (upon request to support) and SSH access.
  • emoveo: emoveo is based in Rome, Italy. emoveo รจ una web agency di base a Roma. Se hai bisogno di symfony, contattaci!
  • B&G Consulting & Commerce: Based in Vienna, Austria, we are developing and hosting Symfony webapplications. We offer a shared hosting environment with PHP5, Mysql 5, Perl, Python, PHP Pear, FFMpeg, Syck, Alternative PHP Cache and MOD Security. Reasonable prices for individual solutions.
  • QV-WEB (Web And Application Development & Hosting): We are based in Larissa, Greece and provide web development and hosting. Symfony, PHP 5.2.1, Fastcgi, MySQL 5, PEAR extensions are some of our offers. Though we do not offer ssh access, we will be glad to assist installing Symfony Web Applications.
  • Tuxfamily: Host Open licenses (gpl, creative common...) related projects.
  • ServerGrove Networks: Provides excellent support and work hard to get your working environment optimized for you. All their hosting packages come with PHP 5.2.x and Symfony installed. VPS packages come preconfigured in a variety of flavors with Subversion, SSH/SFTP access, PEAR, Mysql 5.x, Postgresql 8.1 (optional). We now have a state of the art control panel extension (Maestro) to install and configure your Symfony sites.
  • CryptoNet: Symfony framework enabled, PHP5, MySQL, DirectAdmin? Control Panel. For info: info (AT)
  • Studio On The Brink: Small web company in northern New York. We offer shared hosting with Symfony enabled.
  • SwissCenter: A medium web company in Lausanne, Switzerland, hosting from 12$ per month
  • PressEnter: Symfony developers and hosting services. Argentina
  • MediaTemple: Large web hosting company from Los Angeles that supports Symfony even on their (gs) plans and helps developers install it there.
  • UK Web Hosting: is one of the fastest growing UK web Hosting Company proud to support symfony Web Hosting, with lastest PHP, MYSQL support on Cpanel Linux web Hosting with best quality 24/7 support.
  • US Web Hosting: WebHost?.US.Com is US leading webhosting company we are known supporter of Symfony , on our Cpanel/WHM Web Hosting with PHP5 ,Mysql5 ,PHPMyadmin etc supported and 27/7 VIP Customer care.