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How to contribute to the documentation?

Translating the existing documentation

The definitive guide to symfony

The official symfony book is released under a GFDL license, which means that it can be reused freely, provided that the resulting book is also in GFDL. This implies at least publishing the text in an online version.

Community efforts for translating the book often take place in this wiki, and we ask the localized documentation teams to publish their pages with a specific naming format, so that we can automate the linking of translated pages from the main documentation:

1. Create a page in the wiki named 'Documentation/[locale culture]', which will be the starting point for documentation in your language. The locale structure string is the combination of a language code and a country code. For example, existing documentation efforts take place in the following pages:

2. In the new page, add one link per chapter, using the last part of the URLs of the official book for naming.

The pages must be named as follows:

Documentation/[culture]/book/1.0/[Chapter name]

For instance:

[Documentation/zh_CB/book/1.0/01-Introducing-Symfony Chapter 1 - Introducing symfony]
[Documentation/zh_CB/book/1.0/02-Exploring-Symfony-s-Code Chapter 2 - Exploring symfony's code]

3. Copy the English version of each chapter as a starting point. To allow Markdown formatting, you add some wiki statements before and after the text, as follows:


[Markdown text here]


4. Create a link to the new 'Documentation/[locale culture]' page in the 'symfony in your language' section of the wiki home page.

5. Talk about it, recruit help and start translating!

If you want to publish a translation of the book and sell it, you should get in touch with our publisher at

askeet & Other tutorials

The askeet tutorial and other tutorials can also be translated in the wiki as the official documentation.

All tutorials are written in Markdown and the sources are available in the repository:

If you want a subversion access to commit your work, send an email to fabien.potencier [at] and don't forget to include your trac login in the message.

Adding documentation

The official documentation is stored in the subversion repository and managed by a small team. The best way to add howtos and short tutorials is to add a new page in the wiki.