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Sometimes, you only want to use Symfony for its frontend capabilities (i.e routing, helpers, i18n, ...).

A use case is to have web services as a backend (instead of a classical ORM tool).

As an example, let us say that the application is called apptest.

Some notes before starting :

  • tested on 1.0b2 tarball
  • make this at the very start of your project
  • no warranty of success ;)
  • instructions related to generator are not tested because I do not use the generator
  • I avoid to touch to file contents (I prefer deletes): it is easier to spot when there is an error (i.e no such file or directory) and also to upgrade to new versions of symfony

App config

removing use of db :


    use_database:           off

in core_compile.yml, remove the loading of %SF_SYMFONY_LIB_DIR%/database/sfDatabaseManager.class.php

Symfony config related to propel

remove files config/databases.yml, config/propel.ini, config/schema.xml

in data/symfony/config/autoload.yml, remove the section symfony_orm

in data/symfony, you can remove the generator directory as it only contains a generator for propel.

Symfony lib related to propel

remove directories lib/symfony/addon/creole and lib/symfony/addon/propel

Remove Propel and Creole

remove directories lib/symfony/vendor/creole, lib/symfony/vendor/propel, lib/symfony/vendor/propel-generator

For perfectionists

in the top project directory, type

grep -Ri propel * | grep -v "data/symfony/skeleton/" | grep -v "data/symfony/tasks/"

and check that nothing here is used by your code.