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symfony-powered sites

This page lists websites that are powered by symfony.

In each category, the list is chronological, so the sites that appear early in the list are the ones released the first.

We are always looking for more case studies for the symfony blog. If you have built a major website with symfony, and want to share your experience, please consider writing a case study and send it to fabien.potencier [at] To help you, read the case study template or read the already published case studies.

You can also add your application to the Symfonians applications directory.

Open Source

  • askeet: Askeet is a community-based Q&A repository, result of the 2005 Advent calendar (24 days tutorial series published by the symfony team)
  • snipeet: Snipeet is a repository for code snippets, with social ranking/tagging abilities and built-in moderator actions. It is the second showcase app built by the symfony project team, and it is used in the symfony project site itself in the code snippets section.
  • Diem: CMF CMS for symfony 1.4 Diem is a full featured, open source, documented Content Management Framework for Symfony.
  • Diem Chess: online Chess game for Diem 5.0 Diem Chess is the demo site of the open source Chess plugin for Diem 5.0: dmChessPlugin
  • Bartertown an online auction application.
  • Steer CMS is a state of the art Open Source content management system which offers a number of features and benefits.
  • qdPM is a free project management tool suitable for a small team working on multiple projects. It is fully configurable. You can easy manage Projects, Tasks and People. Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.
  • Qubit Toolkit is an open information management toolkit designed for use by archives and libraries using their professional metadata standards
  • ullright ullright is a framework and application suite providing helpful tools to support workflows and company-internal administration/organisation in general. It is targeted at the needs of medium sized companies. It features a unique AdminGenerator? and many extensions to sfForm like metaWidgets. Ready to use modules includes a wiki and a workflowmangementtool.
  • LimeTracker is a BitTorrent tracker sponsored by LimeWire.
  • siwapp is a free online invoice system. Contributions are welcome.
  • symfony-check is a todo list that check if your symfony application is ready for deployment.
  • piwam is a free Association Manager. But it has been developed for French associations only, which respect specific French laws.
  • PowerDNS GUI - Web based GUI which aids in administering domains and records for the PowerDNS name server software with MySQL backend.
  • Plancake - Plancake is a free online todo list and tasks manager. It is open source, free, simple-to-use and feature rich.
  • List&Check - List&Check is a web to create easily lists with the look and feel of symfony-check.
  • is a simple url shortening system, featuring a frontend, a backend, and an API. It uses Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine. The code is available under a MIT license.
  • TimeHive - Webbased project timetracking software

Closed Source

  • The symfony website itself is built with symfony
  • Article Gold: Popular Articles Directory built on Symfony 1.4 (by Xenyo Ltd.)
  • Security Monitoring: Our security monitoring appliances is build with symfony.
  • A public, multi-language code snippet library that anyone can edit
  • Merchant Pilot CRM : A CRM for the credit card processing and sales agent industry.
  • An affiliate website built with Symfony2 and Doctrine MongoDB ODM and lets you shop for products that are popular on ranked by what is being mentioned the most on Twitter!
  • The Source CookBook: A Cookbook to keep and show your source code snippets. The recipes can be embedded everywhere and are beautifully highlighted especifically for every language.
  • Listen to your favorite online radio stations with playlist information and enjoy! (Build with symfony 1.2 and Doctrine)
  • Perq: A business application for employee leave time. Built on Symfony 1.2, Doctrine, and SwiftMailer?. Integrated with Paypal.
  • : free application to fully operate a (french) hospital emergency service - DPU est une solution complète, ergonomique et gratuite de gestion des dossiers patients entièrement dédiée aux services d’urgences.
  • Blidoo: A generalist classified ads site.

Online Tools

  • Unanchor Tour Itineraries (English): Marketplace allowing the purchase and sale of travel guides and tour itineraries.
  • (English): Simple image hosting & sharing
  • (English): With openChords you can enter or search GUITAR CHORDS, listen to them on the fly and arrange the results. It enables you to listen to complete arrangements and send them to anyone, anywhere.
  • Buttons Factory (English): Buttons Factory is free web buttons maker. You can easy create your custom buttons, save time to make osCommerce buttons or html buttons. Also you can use your own button skin to generate buttons.
  • (English): Nomaine is a fast, fun and AJAX themed domain name generator with availability checking.
  • (English, Czech): Simple split or merge PDF documents.
  • WithFit (English) : WithFit helps you track, improve, and share your fitness. It's completely free and easy to use.
  • (English, Francais): Online community to create, update and share comparisons about everything.
  • (English): Aggregates images from the most popular sites on the web, arranges them by categories, and pushes the best of the best to you hourly. (by Anton Babenko)


  • Como Group (English): Melbourne's premier Digital Agency, a major PHP/Symfony development house. The website is based on Diem CMF/CMS 5.1 (Symfony 1.4)
  • (English): Audio and videocasts of ASX listed companies for investors and stockbrokers.
  • (English): Unique social site that allows you to share ideas and have unbiased input into creating a published work of quality fiction.
  • (English): Online travel agency targeted at the Australian market.
  • Slap a Story (English): Daily short story competition, where you can submit your original short story (even anonymously) for everyone to read, rate and discuss.
  • Beanie Kids (English): Official Beanie Kids website. Includes product catalogue, competitions, galleries, polls, newsletter and more. Entirely content managed.
  • Creatio - Sydney Web Agency (English): Web Development company based in Sydney specialising in Flash/Flex Games and symfony application development.
  • Halo Bridal (English): Retail store specialising in custom-made Bridal Gowns/Wedding Dresses
  • (English): Architecture/Interior Design company based in Sydney Australia.
  • Evolution 7 (English) : Leading digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in ecommerce, customised applications, and symfony development.
  • Verbatim Australia (English): Corporate site for Verbatim Australia, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS.
  • In Essence Aromatherapy (English): Slick ecommerce website, online ordering, payment gateway integration (DPS), ajax shopping cart.
  • Forethought Research (English): Corporate site for Forethought Research, including Think Tank database of articles & white papers. symfony CMS.
  • GBS Ventures (English) : Unique & striking website for Melbourne-based venture capital firm GBS, symfony CMS.
  • Kingston Arts Centre (English): Dynamic website and portal for Kingston Arts Centre, showcasing events, movies and venue hire information.
  • Lifebroker (English): Providing range of life insurance quote comparisons, survey engine, full content management.
  • Austcycle (English): AustCycle? is the Australian leader in providing cycling training - full content management, news, events, providers.
  • IPitch (English): A professional networking web site that links investors with startup companies and allows both company types to promote themselves and keep other companies up to date with what they are doing. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd
  • FootySX (English): An AFL Stock Exchange Game, where users can purchase virtual shares in their favourite players and clubs to make virtual profits. Developed by Beat Me Sports Pty Ltd.
  • Globetrooper (English): A tool for adventurous travellers to create trips and invite people from all over the world to join them. Fully content managed application using Symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2, jQuery 1.3. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • Conca D'oro (English): An information website for a weddings and events planner. A Flash website that draws its content from a symfony based CMS, it also includes a non-javascript/non-flash version of the site for accessibility and SEO purposes. Uses Symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2, jQuery 1.3. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • Hands Across Australia (English): Competition for Australian schools to create a music video and raise awareness of the cause of Generation One. Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, jQuery 1.4. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • Generation One (English): Not for profit organisation set up to end the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Includes a custom Content Management System built on top of the admin generator. Symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2, jQuery 1.3. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • ACR World (English): Australian engineering and construction recruitment. symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • AIME Mentoring (English): Help Indigenous Australians get the mentoring they need and bridging the gap between education and employment. Symfony used for form collections and management. symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • StableSmart (English): Allows horse owners in Australia to aggregate information about their horses such as race results and pedigree reports. Also allows horse owners to connect with each other and share information. symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • OneVoice Competition (English): Competition for Australian school students to voice their support and message for ending indigenous disparity in Australia. symfony 1.4, Doctrine 1.2. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.
  • Sydney Scoreboard - IWG 2010 (English): The legacy of the 5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport held in Sydney, 2010. Its aim is to increase women’s representation on sport boards globally. symfony 1.4, doctrine 1.2, website and full CMS. Developed by Creatio Pty Ltd.




Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Agava (Bosnian): Flower shop
  • CCM Billing (English): Cisco Call Manager CDR Billing
  • Podsjetnik (Bosnian): Free SMS reminders
  • Simpa (Bosnian, English): Web design & applications
  • Zikamu (Bosnian, English): Music sharing portal
  • Direktno (Bosnian): Pay-per-view portal


  • MeioAlternativo (Portuguese) : Great source of Proxys, tips, utilities and list os msn web messengers, a lot of stuff to help people by-pass firewalls on job and school. The users can help with new links on the site and at a Orkut community.
  • Moda Mercatto (Portuguese) : Website of the Mercatto Brazilian woman's clothes store.
  • Simular (Portuguese) : A free web tool to simulate a real estate financing.
  • Hotel-Curitiba (Portuguese) : A directory of local hotels with a reservation engine for Curitiba, the capital of Paran‚àö¬∞ state in Brazil.
  • Hotel-Foz (Portuguese) : A directory of local hotels with a reservation engine for Foz do Iguassu, the city where the great waterfalls are.
  • Hotel-Rio-de-Janeiro (Portuguese) : A directory of local hotels with a reservation engine for Rio.
  • (Portuguese) : An online travel agency that offers hotels, car rentals and travel insurance.
  • Rimenes Ribeiro(English, Portuguese): Rimenes Ribeiro personal site (Symfony blog coming soon)
  • Elsatours (Portuguese) : Online Travel Agency (by
  • Tribunal de Contas de Mato Grosso (Portuguese) : Instituição pública de controle externo que tem a missão de zelar pelo patrimônio público e fiscalizar a aplicação de recursos.
  • Blog do Pânico (Portuguese) : Blog of the Pânico humor program.
  • Buffet Colonial (Portuguese) : Buffet for partys and celebrations.
  • Academia Resistência (Portuguese): Karatê Academy.
  • A5 Solutions (Portuguese / English) : A company focused on integrating communication solutions to meet the most complex environments.


  • SM-Forex (English): A website for automatic publishing of results from Forex trading.
  • The Bulgarian platform for intelligent shopping!
  • Find appartments for rent in Bulgaria.
  • Send press release to all medias in Bulgaria.


  • Goalie Gigs: Online Goalie Rental Marketplace for Hockey Goalies.
  • CFL Online Network - all CFL team sites and CFL proper are served off a single Symfony application developed to handle multiple sites with a separate set of templates for each site. Includes content sharing capabilities and a single sign-on CMS, launched July 1st, 2009.
  • ClipMann: An image macro (lulz) creator on steroids. This application will allow you to create many lulz simontaniously, and then combine them into an animated gif or a comic strip. Aside from that, a huge collection of COOL fonts, and comprehensive community images.
  • Etrending: The first internet based scoring solution for the analysis of medical data. Etrending allows a user to upload their data to the central server from their own computer, manage it, and view the scored data in graphical and report formats. The initial service provided introduces oximetry software, used to asses the severity of obstructive sleep apnea. Additional services will be made available as etrending is developed.
  • FrancoForums: French comunity base on a forum system who have up then 100 forums divided into 20 categories. Online the 8th august 2007.
  • furoar: User run news submission site that organizes news by the emotions they evoke.
  • William Anderson: A photographer's website. The story of the application rewriting can be read at RuzzOnSymfony.
  • Cell Phones Etc.: Enables consumers to research and compare cell phones and plans side-by-side.
  • Learn PHP Tutorial Video: A set of tutorial videos to teach beginners how to program in PHP.
  • Best lowcost cellphone ringtones.
  • Syllogistic Software (Developer): A custom web application software developer in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • MatterMeter: This application allows people to voice their opinions on things that matter to them.
  • Game24Hours: retrieves the latest videos of top-selling console games.
  • Montreal Web Conference: Meet the experts of web development in person and discover the web of tomorrow. Confoo is a major web conference. It cover every aspect of development, from back-end to frontend, from security to scaling, Confoo is also very much about PHP.
  • ineptadept: A web comic of inept drawings & adept minds. Based on the lives of two scholars from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario Canada.
  • eBirdr: Web based field guide to the birds of North America.
  • P2P Financial: Investing Opportunities for Accredited Investors.


  • The Site to get information about fun things to do in your area in a social network way.




Czech Republic


  • (Danish): Domain and mail account management system.
  • (English, Danish): Information security company, site is based on sfSimpleCMS, sfSimpleNews, sfPropelVersionableBehaviorPlugin, sfLightboxPlugin and more.
  • (English): Tourist guide to Copenhagen with ratings and reviews of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Content is created by locals and translated using Google Translate.
  • (Danish): A social forum about making Copenhagen a better place to bike. Messaging, photo sharing, tagging and maps.
  • Billigt Grin (Danish): A danish booking agency for upcoming stand-up comedians. With comprehensive backend for managing bookings, notifications, PDF invoicing, Facebook integration and much more.

Dominican Republic


  • Biblioteca MCPC (Spanish): Sistema de Consulta de Material Bibliográfico
  • RUOSC (Spanish): Sistema de Registro Único de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil


  • (Estonian): Feedback portal for companies and their clients.
  • (Estonian): How to do stuff instructions. Do It yourself.
  • Lennujaam (Estonian): Virtual Airport where you can see airplane schedules (Tallinn Airport) and weather information.
  • Messireisid (Estonian): Online booking system for exhibitions
  • Superpiim (Estonian): Milk campaign website for children


  • Global Champions Tour The Global Champions Tour (GCT) is an annually celebrated show jumping competition. The website features live results, streaming video and a huge database of horses and riders.
  • ETHiC Compounders : European Thermoplastic Independant Compounders (by DigitalBase)
  • EuCiA European Composites Industry Association (by DigitalBase)
  • Digital Base : Web Development (by DigitalBase)
  • European Plastics Recyclers: Promote plastics recycling and create conditions that enable profitable & sustainable business, while offering a service platform to its members. (by DigitalBase)
  • European Plastics Converters : EuPC is the EU-level Trade Association, based in Brussels, representing European Plastics Converters. (by DigitalBase)
  • EuPC Services : EuPC Services is a European service provider for the plastics industry and is rooted in the international organization "European Plastics Converters". (by DigitalBase)
  • 12visitme Charity Tourism: Website that gives people from Third world countries the possibility to offer travel opportunities to people around the world.
  • Marketplace for auctioning Online Game Servers and Hosting Services


  • Demi (Finnish): Online community and home of a popular Finnish youth trend magazine
  • (Finnish, English): Map based restaurant directory with community features.
  • ENCA (Finnish, English): Multilingual online community for euro coin collectors and swappers.
  • Crema (Finnish): Online store selling coffee machines and accessories.
  • Salesmart (Finnish, English): A company website
  • Reflector Guide (English, Russian, Finnish, Spanish): Site about pedestrian reflectors (by Online Revenue Oy)
  • Työkyvyntuki (Finnish): Work ability service for medium sized companies (by Online Revenue Oy)
  • SivuTieto (Finnish): Web analytics service (by Online Revenue Oy)
  • Dirri (Finnish): Web directory (by Online Revenue Oy)





Hong Kong

  • Verbatim Hong Kong (English, Cantonese): Corporate site for Verbatim Hong Kong, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS.
  • BK Bears Hong Kong (English): Site for BK Bears, includes full Symfony driven CMS



  • Indonesia's Dating Community. (symfony 1.0.XX). Any suggestions are welcome
  • Indonesia's Classified Ads Community, currently in beta status. Based on symfony 1.0.XX . Any suggestions are welcome
  • Local government site in Jombang, East Java, Indonesia.
  • The Electronics Procurement System, The Government of Surabaya City,Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia.
  • The Management Project Application, Covering project controlling include progress,contract, and reporting, The Government of Surabaya City, Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia.
  • The Management Project Planning Application, The Government of Surabaya City, Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia.
  • The Goverment Programs performance Reporting Application, The Government of Surabaya City, Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia.


  • Mobshare: Mobshare is the first social networking web application created in Symfony.
  • Fastalerts: Sending alerts online, sms, email, voice etc First web 2.0 solution in india.
  • Stumble Cult: A platform for stumble exchange.
  • Contact Virus: Share / Edit / Add your contacts here
  • Zamanzar: A real estate portal with thousands of Indian real estate listings


  • Aftabparast: Classified ads site based on symfony 1.2.


  • System 10: System 10 is an online Health & Fitness Web Application launched with Symfony in 2006.


  • Colnect Collectors Community (multilingual - 35 languages / 86 countries): Colnect is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass produced collectibles revolutionizing their collecting experience by allowing them to manage their personal collection online and be a part of a designated community. The site's extensive collectibles catalog is created by the collectors. Members can manage their swap and wish lists using the catalog and easily coordinate swaps/deals with other collectors whom they are unable to meet. Colnect has won the Startup2.0 competition for European Web2.0 startups.
  • JobShuk : JobShuk is a marketplace connecting the world with English-speaking freelancers, small businesses, and service providers based in Israel for your outsourcing or tourist needs.
  • (Hebrew): Khaver, a dog shelter near Holon and Azur, Israel.
  • fooWHO : is a new concept of social networking designed to provide users with statistical information on items suggested by other users who like the same stuff they do, something which no other social network had ever attempted before. The idea is that users can find hangouts, news, blog, movies, music, books, tech-devices... and... well... just about anything that other users with the same life style and preferences liked. That is contrary to other social networks that rely on what the author of the specific content has to say about it or to networks that rely on random user input to say what's good for you and what's not. You're never really sure if the users suggesting are in the same state of mind like you are.
  • FrauBlau : Online shop & International website of fashion designers FrauBlau.
  • (Hebrew): Rideshare and carpool social networking , Israel.




  • LetsCod (English, French): Website of LetsCod?, specialized in symfony development / outsourcing



  • LCGB (French, German): Confederation of labour unions in Luxembourg (by Michel Weimerskirch)
  • YoungACL (French): Website dedicated to young people around the ACL (Automobile Club de Luxembourg), with CMS, news, competitions and more... (design by lola, programming by h2a)


  • Maki Car Rental (English, German): Car rental company with online availability check and highly automated booking system.


  • Amazigh TV: Website of Amazigh(Berber) TV powered by Symfony 1.1
  • SERD (French) : Website for an architectural office (by Fornet)


  • Grupo Beredali A Mexican distributor of ConocoPhillips lubricants. The complete site is developed in Symfony and uses several plugins
  • Schlitter - Bienes Ra‚àö‚â†ces - A Mexican real state company offering properties for sale and lease. The site is entirely made with Symfony.
  • (Mexican - International): Musical academic organization that brings several events and grants two international awards.
  • Discos Konfort Mexico based record label about electronic music. The site provides info about artists, releases and even a net-label for downloading music.
  • Que Sexy Soy Online Magazine with interesting articles for girls. The complete site is developed in Symfony (Spanish) (by Isaac Benitez).
  • D-Salud Free health services directory. The complete site is developed in Symfony and uses some nice AJAX effects. You can sing up for free (Spanish) (by Isaac Benitez).


  • Hipposeo: Free and unlimited analysis of the performance of your website in Google!
  • Frames 4 Sport : This is a website that combines a personal sport trainer and nutrition logging system.
  • FreAQ : This is a question and answer search engine developed by students during a course on the University of Amsterdam.
  • Jongeren In Beeld: Webbased application for data management concerning "problem youth"
  • Judith Osborn: Dutch fashion designer, story on her life, overview of the newest collection and an online shop.
  • Kliknieuws: A high traffic regional news site. The backend supports multiple franchises and sub-sites. (By Artform)
  • Left on the web: Weblog and website of Stefan Koopmanschap, a dutch symfony advocate
  • LowStakes.Net: Low Stakes, a page dedicated to poker and low stakes gambling, betting, buy-ins - but especially no limit holdem poker!
  • Stage Select: Application for students and companies to find each other for training periods. (By Westsite Media)
  • Dutch symfony community and advocacy website.
  • TearSong: Personal website of Marjolein van Elteren. Weblog, mashup with Flickr and Ma.Gnolia
  • Website used for testing of MVC frameworks: Still and always in development
  • Dutch Cowboys Popular dutch weblog
  • (Dutch) : The Largest Poster and Print Store In The Netherlands (by InnoPeople)
  • iDB: Application for the organization of the orientation week at the University of Twente
  • Build by Platina Designs ( We are a dutch webdevelopment company and we build this website with symfony 1.2 and Doctrine ORM. You can listen to a lot of online radio stations with playlist information!
  • Bytes Web Development: Website of a small (dutch) web development company, build in Symfony 1.4.

New Zealand



  • regex tool (English) A regex tool that validated your patterns on the fly using AJAX.
  • (English/Norwegian) A web site for publishing classified ads for housing for rent or housing wanted in Norway.
  • (English/Norwegian/Swedish/Danish) A film price comparison site. Find the best prices on DVD and Blu-ray films.
  • (Norwegian) Norways biggest online community for kitesurfers.
  • FriendlyLeagues (English) Create your own FIFA World Cup leagues, and duel with friends.
  • (Norwegian) Norwegian online newspaper (in "nynorsk").


  • Pakistan Elections 2008 : An impressive web site for upcoming elections in Pakistan built on Symfony platform.
  • Stig Facts : Interesting Facts about BBC Top Gear's Tamed Racing Driver called The Stig



  • EGOmade (English): A web app were you showcase what you've been up too (portfolio, work, photos, anything)...still in development
  • (Portuguese): Painting gallery
  • Palco Principal (Portuguese): Place for artists to host their mp3s and get exposure. We showcase unsigned artists, independent labels, and major label artists. Visitors can download music for free and much more. Listeners can meet news bands and other listeners, making friends...
  • (Portuguese): Site of portuguese company that develops web applications based on symfony.
  • JumboURL (English): URL Enlarger.
  • ListasEmCaixas (Portuguese): Social list making application.
  • RSS2twitter (English): RSS feed to twitter service.
  • Enterro da Gata '09 (Portuguese): Site of Minho University Party
  • Lappiz (English, Portuguese): Lappiz is a collaborative web tool that allows students, especially those in higher education, to share academic content between them.
  • Green Family Program (Portuguese): Website of the Green Family Program, a monitorization of energy use by Azorian families.
  • University of Azores (Portuguese): Main website of the University of Azores and their Departments.

Puerto Rico

  • MiFiebre (Spanish): A web portal of car racing
  • Mundo Reggaeton (Spanish): A web portal of Reggaeton Music
  • iBiblia (Spanish): The latin Bible for the iPhone


  • Megatrade (English): Website of Megatrade Holding, construction and engineering




  • Verbatim Singapore (English): Corporate site for Verbatim Singapore, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS.


  • EnviroInfo (Slovak/English): Metadata information system about the environmental information within the Slovak Republic. Try to have a look at advanced search.
  • (Slovak): The most visited hip-hop magazine in Slovakia and Czech republic. Using all the benefits of symfony's framework (admin gen, cache, ajax...) and power of Doctrine ORM.
  • (Slovak/English): Oriental dance group from Trencin, Slovakia
  • (Slovak): Taoist Tai Chi Society Slovakia


South Africa

  • AuctionExplorerBooks (English): Antiquarian bookshop and auction house
  • EazyAfrica (English): Webhosting / Tourism - Using all Symfony tricks and tips (coming soon)


  • GQ Magazine (Spanish): Official website for the GQ Spain Magazine (by Acilia)
  • Worthidea (Spanish/English): Website to share ideas with users and companies. Companies can use services like brainstorming and focus group online to get ideas about a theme.
  • Vogue (Spanish): Official website for the Vogue Spain Magazine (by Acilia)
  • Condenast Profesional (Spanish): Website with information for fashion professionals (by Acilia)
  • Quiniela15 (Spanish): Football predictions game for the Spanish League (by Acilia)
  • El Divendres (Spanish/Catalan): A website for ads captation for a classifieds magazine (by Thaira)
  • Kids&Us (Spanish/Catalan/English): Language school website with dynamic content (by Thaira)
  • Cip Design (Spanish/Catalan/English): Corporate website with dynamic content (by Thaira)
  • XF-Estudimodels (Spanish): Photo studio website with content management system (by Thaira)
  • GRUPDAFE Formación (Spanish): Corporate website for a e-learning company with dynamic content (by Thaira)
  • Museu Comarcal de Manresa (Catalan): Website of a local museum with content administration (by Thaira)
  • Construeix (Spanish/Catalan): Company dedicated to the construction and interior design (by Thaira)
  • Denominació d'Origen Pla de Bages (Spanish/Catalan/English): Catalan D.O. wines website (by Thaira)
  • Remsa (Spanish/Catalan): Sale and maintenance of office equipments (by Thaira)
  • Teatre Kursaal (Catalan): Web of the Kursaal Theatre with dynamic content (by Thaira)
  • El Divendres
  • Spotigo Hotspot Directory (English): Online access to the world biggest wifi accesspoint directory.
  • Zangoa (Spanish/Catalan): Rural tourism mashup powered by google maps (by qibbus).
  • Juan Martin (Spanish/Portuguese): A corporate site with static and dynamic content. The company sells industrial equipments (by qibbus).
  • Barcelona Centre M‚àö¬Ædic (Spanish/English/Catalan): High quality medical service, provided by the most prestigious healthcare centres in Barcelona (by qibbus).
  • Skeyndor (Spanish/English): A professional cosmethic company site with static and dynamic content. (by qibbus).
  • Conmasa (Spanish/Catalan): A corporate site with static content and intranet for its customers. (by qibbus).
  • Apuestta (Spanish): Sports betting stats and information.
  • (Basque): Another implementation of askeet. Galdetu means "to ask" in Basque.
  • (Spanish/English/Chinese): Web 2.0 applications, usability and profesional web design in Alicante (Spain)
  • (English): Create short URLs and update your Twitter account with them (by qibbus).
  • CFS Racing San Vicente (Spanish): Official web of an Spanish indoor soccer club.
  • Teclliure (Spanish/Català/English): Coorporate website of freelance developer.
  • AlterNativa, intercanvi amb pobles indigenes (Català): Petitions page with backend administration (developed by Teclliure).
  • Centre Excursionista de Premià de Mar (Català): Small CMS to publish activities, news, ... of the excursionist group (developed by Teclliure).
  • Distributed Control Systems team (DCS) of the Technical University of Catalonia-UPC (English): Webpage of the group with their people, experience, publications, ... (developed by Teclliure).
  • Resources FCONGDH Resources management tool for FCONGDH (developed by Teclliure).
  • La Magalla Online Online magazine (developed by Teclliure).
  • Directory Pangea Organizations directory (developed by Teclliure).
  • Kampoos an open online tool to publish and search rock climbing topos (developed by Teclliure).
  • OnSalus (Spanish): A Website 2.0 where health information exchange interests with people in similar circumstances, with references and medical outcomes, as well as news, articles of interest and recommendations of professionals and health centers.
  • Trovit (Multilingual): A Vertical Search Engine about jobs, cars, and real state.
  • Properazzi (Multilingual): A RealState? Vertical Search Engine.
  • EscapadaRural Find & Book rural accommodations in Spain & Italy
  • Benissa's environment webpage (Spanish/Valencià): Benissa's environment webpage (Spain). (developed by
  • tuProgramador| Diseno web en Valencia tuProgramador| Diseno web en Valencia. (developed by
  • JefeDeCompras (Spanish): A Search Engine about ads for freelances and companies in Spain.
  • Makoondi (Multilingual): Website for shared apartments. Find roommates and tools for simplifying the life together.
  • Bodegas Muriel (Multilingual): Web oficial de Bodegas Muriel, productoras de vino D.O. La Rioja. (developed by Cernada)
  • 25 de noviembre (Multilingual): 25 de Noviembre: Día internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres. Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz (developed by Cernada)
  • Bodegas Montelciego (Spanish): Web oficial de Bodegas Montelciego, productoras de vino D.O. La Rioja. (developed by Cernada)
  • Habitissimo A multinational one-stop shop website for homeowners planning to build or renovate their homes.
  • Trecetas (Spanish): Buscador vertical de recetas de cocina.
  • Zampalo (Spanish): Guía de restaurantes de comida a domicilio y para llevar con posibilidad de realizar pedidos online.
  • RestInBook (English / Spanish): Post a remembers or photos to a late's by twitter or via web.
  • Yonococino (Spanish): Agregador de restaurantes online con servicios de reserva, pedido de comida a domicilio y para llevar.
  • RE/MAX Paraíso (Multilingual): Portal inmobiliario multiidioma. (developed by Solucionex)
  • (Spanish): watch how your taxes are spent (developed with Symfony2).


  • SENCOMCOM (French): Mirror web site for consulting various suppliers products (Auto, real estate, computer...).


  • (Swedish / English): Buy and sell second hand cars.
  • (English / Swedish): Swedens largest training diary, nutrition diary and fitness community online.
  • Blendow Group AB (Swedish): Swedish company working in the field of legal information and education.
  • BG Publishing (Swedish): A online bookstore focusing on legal titles. A part of Blendow Group.
  • BG Institute (Swedish): Swedens biggest and leading education/seminar organizer with focus on law.
  • Allt om juridik (Swedish): A guide to find you local legal councel/lawyer in Sweden.



  • KitapMetre (Turkish): A book price comparison site / aims to find best prices for turkish books from biggest turkish book selling sites
  • Toyota YarisFEST (Turkish): An ad-campaign / music competition website for Toyota Turkey (ToyotaSA), promoting a music festival based on Toyota Yaris theme, by Onur Turgay.
  • Sertas (Turkish): A corporate site with static content. The company manufactures various products including refractory materials and heating equipments.
  • 1insaat (Turkish): A social network project for the Turkish construction industry developed with Symfony by Dvs IT Solutions.
  • (Turkish): Test based social network project by Dvs IT Solutions.
  • Airportconnex Airport transfer system by Dvs IT Solutions!
  • 2nci blog Personel blog of Yılmaz Uğurlu.
  • Ege Burada Aegean University news, fun and life portal
  • (Turkish): Tolga's personal photography blog.
  • Devosphere web services Web development services Devosphere web services
  • MMKariyer Multimedia and IT focused career portal
  • MarketingKariyer Marketing and sales focused career portal
  • (Turkish): Wishlist and shopping lists: Collect items from anywhere by the bookmarklet, and share with friends & family. Build in Symfony 1.4. with the customized plugins such as sfDoctrineApplyPlugin, sfDoctrineGuardPlugin, sfFacebookConnectPlugin, sfFormExtraPlugin and sfThumbnailPlugin.
  • Futpedi Football Wiki and Football Social Network
  • Taraftarsan A Football Social Network


  • CarArea (English): is a site where user can buy and sell second hand/used vehicles like cars, trucks, vans etc..
  • Webdigi Web Development (English): Webdigi develops high performance web applications and websites. (view our portfolio on our website)
  • Covent Garden London: Official website of Covent Garden. "An inspirational world-class district, unequalled in its mix of shops, restaurants, entertainment, architecture and culture."
  • B*Boy - underwear & swimwear for today's fashion conscience man. Choose from a stylish selection of mens trunks, briefs, boxers, jockstraps, singlets and much more.
  • An online job board for students. Lists jobs from all categories like holiday/temp/graduate/internship etc. Also provides information and advice on job interview technique, CV writing, tax and internships. Also has a section designed to save students money by highlighting the best deals and discounts.
  • The UK's largest independent guide to Broadband ISPs
  • A URL shortening service written using symfony!
  • Heriot-Watt University: A Scottish University based in Edinburgh, the Borders, Orkney and Dubai.
  • A site to graph your weight, fat and hydration levels
  • Edge Hill University: University based in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Using symfony on a number of websites including:
    • Corporate website - main homepage, news and events, jobs, online prospectus, search. Launched March 2008.
    • Education Partnership - our first symfony based website; links the Faculty of Education with partners in schools, local authorities and other stakeholders. Launched January 2007.
    • Hi applicant community - website for applicants to find out more about University. Integrates Wordpress and bbPress with a symfony core. Launched March 2007.
    • GO Portal - Staff and Student portal. Need a username to see the fancy stuff but provides an iGoogle like interface complete with draggable panels. Launched September 2007.
  • Asda Press Centre: Press release site for the Asda chain of stores.
  • Asda Recipes: Recipe companion to the Asda home shopping site.
  • Blink: A symfony-based CMS builds and maintains this complex media-heavy flash site.
  • VAIO Nation: A creative social network for music and film artists.
  • Country Life: Country Life magazine's website and premium property search engine.
  • House to Home: A home design and decoration portal.
  • Gilpro Lettings: Letting and management of residential properties in Glasgow.
  • IhouseU: Music related content publishing, clubbing calendar for UK venues.
  • Lyrics Fever: A British lyrics site
  • tisimi: A crowdsourcing site that allows designers to showcase their designs, ideas and inventions with monthly prizes for the highest rated.
  • Bookwormr: Bookwormr is a tool for people who love books. Share, score and review books and see what everyone else is reading.
  • David Shure Antique Silver: Online antiques store
  • I.Franks Antique Silver: Online antiques store
  • Symrecruit: Specialist Symfony recruitment agency
  • Michael's Fantasic Advent Calendar: don't get too excited, it's not that fantastic!
  • West Lancashire Scout County: Scouting in Lancashire, UK.
  • Escape Studios London: Escape Studios London. Film post production and 3D computer animation training facility.
  • Caravan Magazine: Caravan touring sites, buying, help and ideas.
  • Good to Know: A website for British women covering subjects such as health, diets, food and family.
  • Marie Claire: Marie Claire Magazine - Fashion with Heart.
  • Park Home and Holiday Caravan: Best residential parks, homes, advice and more from the UK's best-selling Park Home magazine.
  • Shooting UK: The UK's best shooting website. Find news and information on all aspects of shooting and country and field sports.
  • Shoot Magazine: Football's funniest soccer magazine brings you games, videos, goals and skills.
  • Professional Web Development freelancer Rob Holmes.
  • Chic Outlet Shopping: Information in 14 languages about Europe's nine Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages near Europe's favourite cities.
  • Flying Island: Flying Island provide application services for the modern professional community. Symfony-powered community publishing and collaboration platform.
  • Car Hire Florida: Offering competitive car hire to UK holidaymakers staying in Florida, USA.
  • TrustedReviews: The UK's premier source of technology news and reviews
  • CD WOW! New Release Cheap CDs, Discount DVDs, Blu-ray, Bargain Games: E-commerce site selling CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Games, Books and more.
  • Virvo Web Development (English): Virvo provides web development and design services to small businesses. (built on Symfony + Wordpress)
  • Airportconnex: Airport to random location transfer system by
  • Lifebroker UK (English): Providing range of life insurance quote comparisons, survey engine, full content management.
  • Level 7 Systems Business and residential communication services based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology.
  • is an online marketplace that brings builders and homeowners together, offering an sophisticated platform that promotes and supports high-quality work.
  • Cardiff Airport Parking: Airport parking quoting system, comparing prices from multiple vendors.
  • CPDcast - An online CPD platform, providing distance learning to a range of professions.


  • CrossPrice (Russian): Ukrainian shops catalog. Free pricelists publishing.
  • Avto Moika (Russian): Map of the city with car wash locations. Allows users to search, comment, leave pictures. Uses Gmap. (by Acobby)
  • Exterminate It!: Smart antispyware solution with personalized approach.
  • Sibud Ukraine : (Russian) Construction Company (by Yuretsz )
  • Calgon promotional site : (Russian) Promo-site for Calgon's new Ad Campaign (by Yuretsz )
  • Extra Time (Russian/Ukrainian/English): Corporate site of the travel agency. Multilingual. Can be completely edited from the backend. (by Acobby)
  • Avtoprodaga (Auto sale) : (Russian) Auto social network, with blogs, maps, auto notices, auto clubs
  • New gallery : (English/Russian) Website of art exhibition called "New gallery", which located in Kiev.



  • Provide Live Help: Live chat software will help you generate instant sales leads. Provide live help to your visitors.
  • Recording Questions: An audio recording question and answer site, where you earn experience and rewards while ranking other members contributions.
  • FiLife (A Wall Street Journal/IAC Company): FiLife? is a Personal Finance destination focused on Family Finance and helping people get their finances in shape.
  • Current TV: Current is a global television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV.
  • Together Tag: The most reliable dog and cat ID and recovery service from the trusted creators of Dogster and Catster.
  • Handwritten Thank You Cards: Printed and handwritten thank you card service. We will write/print, postage, and send out thank you cards for all occasions including weddings, graduations, businesses, baby showers, and birthdays.
  • Volume One: Web version of popular local magazine. Features calendar of events, blogs, photo galleries, videos, podcasts, audio tracks, article archive, and a local dining guide.
  • Notemine: Website that connects users through their thoughts and emotions. Attempting to define the 'emotional graph' as opposed to the social graph.
  • Offering deals on area rugs. Gives users the ability to sort rugs by brand, style, color, shape, size, price and more.
  • Shop & save, share & earn with Buxr hot deals site and the widget
  • Albano Guatti E-Commerce: You can buy jeans shirt belt and boxer inspired by from Albano Guatti's masterpiece SEXUENCES.
  • anyInput: Free application for your organized information. You can store and share information about DVDs, CDs, Stamps, Assets anything............
  • LocVideos (English): Web 2.0 YouTube? mashup application providing location specific videos.
  • Smoking Hot Waitress: The hottest waitresses and bartenders in the world.
  • Wellness Program for Big men: Wellness Program For Big Guys.
  • The Citrus Report: Online Art/Music/Culture Magazine (Stone House Digital)
  • De-vino: New York City Wine Boutique (Stone House Digital)
  • Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania: The western PA branch of LSS recently redesigned their webpage. We used Symfony for the implementation.
  • SurfShot: Surfing website for southern california. Largest surfing site in the world.
  • FoxNews Promotions: A symfony powered website for collecting promotional entries for the Fox & Friends sweepstakes. (M2Synergies, Inc.)
  • Walmart School your way
  • DraftSharks: For NFL aficionados
  • DealsCloud: Popular deals from FatWallet and SlickDeals forums in a form of a Tag Cloud.
  • A deals/bargains aggregator with built-in deal alert capability
  • Snow Lion Expeditions
  • MyMapSpace: Create your own personal map. Customize your map by adding your friends and favorite places.
  • Amvest: Ajax-filled Commercial Property site with draggable floating divs, ajax updates, and an auto generated backend. (Stereo)
  • LionPages: Online directory for businesses around State College, PA. (Stereo)
  • Yahoo! Bookmarks: Allows people to store their favorites from across the web and get to them from any computer connected to the Internet
  • National Science Digital Library Metadata Registry Sandbox: Provides services to developers and consumers of controlled vocabularies and is one of the first production deployments of the RDF-based Semantic Web Community's Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)
  • Personal site of Walter J. Punsapy
  • Lorin Maazel: Music Director of the New York Philharmonic (Stone House Digital)
  • PrimoCart: A global e-commerce platform that bridges vendors, publishers and consumers in a common market place.
  • Kevo: Find out information about famous and prominent people, track it, rate it, discuss.
  • Varsity Management: A property management site, features Google Maps integration
  • George P. Mann and Associates: U.S. Immigration law assistance firm (Stereo)
  • iStore: A complete retail/service store management with seamless workflow: quote-to-order, onetime vs recurring billing, payment tracking, multilevel affiliate system and many more..
  • National Digs: Real Estate listings with integrated maps, photos
  • A tool where users post their service or product needs and businesses bid. Users save time to get the best business based on price and business rating and businesses get customers without the need to advertise
  • An e-commerce site that sells three-dimensional representations of beloved characters from a variety of franchise properties with worldwide name recognition, including Star Wars, The Matrix and many others. Features include an online raffle system and integration with (Infernal Machinery)
  • Create shortcuts (shorter URL's) from long URL's.
  • TED Conference. This site makes the best talks and performances from TED available to the public, for free.
  • Upper Playground: Web store for Upper Playground, a San Fransisco Based Streetwear Company. Now selling Barack Obama T-shirts by Shepard Fairey (Stone House Digital)
  • Aggrega: Aggrega is the frontend of a recommendation engine. The first application of this recommendation engine is a music video player that provides similar functionality as Pandora but for music videos.
  • W3Counter: W3Counter is a free web tracker for your website or blog. All the reporting section is powered by symfony. (Awio Web Services LLC)
  • SweetTunes: SweetWater records website
  • Find a local instructor for music, voice, dance, and sports lessons
  • Find&GoSeek: Enables users to search for Vermont activities, events, and places for families and kids. (Bluehouse Group)
  • ibeatyou: An online social networking site for competing in anything, using videos, photos and text content.
  • Affordable Resume Services: ARS specializes in helping career professionals achieve success starting with the critical first impression. (by Acobby)
  • Tour Volume: Concert listing site that lets you listen to bands that are currently touring. (by Tour Volume)
  • Rex Gauge Durometers: Durometers and shore durometer hardness testers online store. (by Acobby)
  • ServerGrove Networks: Web hosting company. Our site and other apps run on Symfony.
  • THANK YOU PROJECT Forward your thanks to your friends and visually track how your thanks distribute around the world. See how your thanks travel around the world and eventually come back to you : ) Fill the world with thanks!
  • Send Inc. Email Encryption: Free Web 2.0 Email Encryption Tool
  • Community Website
  • Wines for Humanity: Wine tasting company dedicated to educating people about the joy of fine wines while raising funds for charity. (by Acobby)
  • American Auto Guardian, Inc.: AAGI is an innovative developer, marketer and administrator with over 6,500 dealers throughout the United States and Canada. (by Acobby)
  • Temporary Plans Provides online quotes for several temporary health insurance plans
  • Site to rate public bathrooms, owners need to clean them up/remodel
  • Stomp2: Cheap CDs, Discount DVDs, New release Games and Free Shipping - Ecommerce site selling a wide range of entertainment products.
  • Flash Wars Online flash games
  • Corporate web presence for a major US-based web-hosting/dedicated server solutions provider.
  • Lexco: Bike Parts & Accessories. (by Acobby)
  • Lane Boots: Handmade cowboy boots for everyone. (by Acobby)
  • PrepMe Test Prep: Personalized online test preparation for college admissions tests (SAT, ACT, PSAT)
  • Roxolar: Solar energy estimator for residential and commercial use; marketplace for buyers, installers and lenders to connect.
  • FourFour: an online platform that enables independent bands and musicians to easily create and manage their official artist website in minutes.
  • internOwl: A website for students to create and research reviews of different internships as well as find internships.
  • The E-Society: A simple online social network for the Entrepreneur Society at the Darden Business School at UVA. (TeamLaLaLa)
  • MyBailiwick: A question and answer site. (TeamLaLaLa)
  • WP Questions: A site for urgent questions about WordPress?. Developers can offer cash prizes in exchange for getting fast answers. (
  • Javascript Questions: A site for urgent questions about Javascript. Developers can offer cash prizes in exchange for getting fast answers. (
  • PHP Emergency: A site for urgent questions about PHP. Developers can offer cash prizes in exchange for getting fast answers. (
  • Symfony Experts: A site for urgent questions about Symfony. Developers can offer cash prizes in exchange for getting fast answers. (
  • Open Door Clinic: The purpose of Clinic is to aggressively confront the Human Immunodeficiency Virus with early intervention using primary medical services and compassion. (by Acobby)
  • Freight Management, Inc.: FREIGHT MANAGEMENT is a logistics provider with over 30 years in the transportation industry. (by Acobby)
  • ForexTV: ForexTV is a Forex news and video website which also offers other tools for Forex trading and education.
  • WeGov: WeGov? connects you with your elected officials and lets you take political action as a registered voter.
  • Cloud Email Security by MX Force: Provides intuitive managed email security using administration features that look and perform like a desktop software solution - not like a website.
  • every penny counts. A journey to a good cause. A not-for profit group of people working towards a cause.


  • Get Video: Search, view and download video easily


  • DONTBUYTHEGAMES.ORG: Multilingual (EN,ZH,ES,FR) website to show you believe in the Olympic Ideal.
  • Filip Itoito: Image gallery and portfolio of polish photographer.
  • gBiker: A collection of web related tools for bicyclists.
  • Listible: Lists of resources, ordered by user rating. Based on askeet.
  • ChipIn: Web-based system that collaborates group transactions and payments
  • A consumer profile management application for Arby's resturant chain.
  • azedu: An online e-learning educational portal.
  • on symfony: New community site for symfony developers. Currently in pre-beta.
  • Fly2Surf Surfreisen: Windsurfing holidays and online booking. The backend administration tool is done with symfony and we are working on the multilingual front-end.
  • Plugaid : Collaborative blog conversation service
  • a SMS based website
  • Custom Research Papers: Research papers for sale. Featuring search engine friendly urls, AJAXed forms, and some visual effects.
  • East3rd: Personal blog of Dave Anastasi
  • Meadow of Roses: is all about sharing love, bridging distance and strengthening bonds.
  • The Smartest Way To Find People Online. The open-ended, user-edited internet directory. Find your friends and help others find them online. The site is web2.0 compliant.
  • Ninja Kiwi: A games site
  • Wise Woman Wellness: A health/fitness women community site with digg-like ajax voting, comments, tags.
  • : another pastebin using AJAX.
  • : A FREE site for posting online classified ads. Buy, Sell and Trade locally in your language.
  • P.I.M.: is an open source personal invoice manager.
  • OpenEats: Open Eats Project is an open source recipe/meal planner that can be accessed by anyone across the Internet much like other commercial sites. It's not even released, but it is built with symfony. Good example of a collaborative project. Check out their source.
  • randBuzz: is a random website discovery application. Each day a different site submitted by a member is introduced to the other members of randBuzz. The winner is randomly chosen among all the registered users. Check out the source.
  • useed: a *nova-like torrent site builder.
  • Jetpad: A web-based portal software to organize your daily life.
  • CS-4U (Customer information System for Utilities): a billing system for utilities (water and electricity).
  • A personal showcase - SHOWOFFDEMO.COM is an on-line showcase and networking community for everyone around the globe to demonstrate and show-off your talents, passions, hobbies and pastimes. Developed By:
  • Social networking site, aiming to assist Latino/Hispanic community grow stronger. Developed By:
  • Symfonians A Symfony community and Symfony jobs marketplace
  • Postcrossing A project that allows anyone to exchange postcards from random places in the world for free.
  • Web-based Student Response System that includes in-class note taking, real-time student questions, draw-on lecture slides and metacognition tools. Lectures will never be the same...
  • Web developers community.
  • Wedding Cuba Channel Planning Wedding and Honeymoon in Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts in Cuba.
  • Tecnifibre Tecnifibre's website (by dev-solutions)
  • Business VoIP comparison - helps you make the right decision on your business telephone system provider.
  • Live Chat comparison - helps you make the right decision on your website Live Chat provider.
  • - allows your website visitors to connect to a company support team and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a live chat button embedded on your web page.
  • Shareyo is the best way to attract someone's attention.